Available configurations when java-library plugin is applied to gradle. Source: Gradle Java Library Plugin


Gradle dependencies are grouped into sets called configurations. Different configurations are used for building classpath for the major two tasks — compile classpath is used for compilation and runtime classpath is used for running the application. …

Some time ago, I have adopted CodeNarc IDEA plugin which helps to detect(and soon it will help fixing) Groovy code style violations.

I have a version of a plugin in the beta channel which works great but sometimes the plugin code throws a StackOverflowError that I am not able to…

Micronaut 2.x version has changed the Maven coordinates for many libraries that crate the Micronaut ecosystem. The complete list can be found here:

Although it makes no difference if the Micronaut version for all your application is aligned, it causes issues if you need to support both versions of the…

Vladimír Oraný

Full Stack Developer and Test Facilitator at @agorapulse

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